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Carrousel (1982) from "Adventures of Piano Woman" by Shirley Sawatzky, piano

Carrousel (solo piano)
00:00 / 05:04

String Quartet No.1 (1983) from "Humans in a Quartet" by Cambrian String Quartet

String Quartet No.1 (1983)
00:00 / 08:41

Trio, Homage to  Glenn Gould, from "Jeté Music for Violin" featuring Victor Schultz, violin

00:00 / 11:19

Polaris Quintet from "Passage through Time" by THIRA

Polaris Quintet
00:00 / 11:18

Exhibition, Song, and Finale performed by Dale Kavanagh, Guitar on CBC Radio

Exhibition, Song and Finale (Dale Kavanagh, guitar)
00:00 / 09:15

Piano Work One performed by Mary Jo Carrabré at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg

Piano Work One
00:00 / 08:11

Dance of the Gondolier (Solo Guitar)

Dance of the Gondolier
00:00 / 03:48

Searching Out from a live concert produced by Music Inter Alia at the Winnipeg Art Gallery

Searching Out
00:00 / 12:02

Circles for two pianos, performed by Judith Ginsburg (Piano) and Michel Szczesniak (Piano)

00:00 / 05:56

Concatenation performed by Lori Freedman, Bass Clarinet and Mary Jo Carrabré, Piano

00:00 / 11:10

Piano Duo performed by Shirley Elias Sawatzky and Judith Kehler Siebert in the Eva Clare Hall at The University of Manitoba

Piano Duo
00:00 / 13:51

Exposition, Folk-Song & Finale performed by Victor Schultz, Violin

Exposition, Folk-Song and Finale (Victor Schultz, violin)
00:00 / 09:30

Individuation performed live at a Groundswell Concert in the Winnipeg Art Gallery

00:00 / 12:20

Divertimento for Strings with Flute performed by the Composers' Orchestra in Toronto, Gary Kulesha, Conductor 

Divertimento for Strings with Flute
00:00 / 12:40

Two Etudes for Flute & Percussion performed by Laurel Ridd and Ben Reimer for CBC Radio

Two Etudes for Flute & Percussion
00:00 / 09:12

Piano Work Two performed by Michel Szczesniak, piano 

Piano Work Two
00:00 / 11:36

Piano Work Two, Part One performed by Walter Prossnitz, piano

Piano Work Two PART ONE
00:00 / 05:51

Three Pieces for Clarinet performed by Michelle Anderson

Three Pieces for Clarinet
00:00 / 05:33

L'impression performed by Claude Webster, Piano

00:00 / 04:36

Three Pieces for Flute, Oboe & Bassoon performed by Laurel Ridd (flute), William Bonness (oboe), and Vincent Ellin (bassoon)

Three Pieces for flute, oboe & bassoon
00:00 / 12:08

Turner Variations performed by Aurora Musicale on the occasion of Robert Turner's 67th Birthday. Recorded by CBC Radio and broadcast on "Arts Encounters". 

Turner Variations
00:00 / 03:17

Lucy Songs (poems by William Wordsworth) performed by John Martens, Tenor and Mary Jo Carrabré, Piano

Lucy Songs
00:00 / 12:14

Adagio, Fanfare & Allegro for string orchestra, 2 trumpets & percussion performed by the Brandon Chamber Players in the Lorne Watson Recital Hall at Brandon University, Pat Carrabré, Conductor

Adagio, Fanfare & Allegro
00:00 / 10:58

Three Songs on Poems by Herman Hesse performed by Das Femmes

Three Songs on Poems by Herman Hesse
00:00 / 07:16

Sonata for the First String Quartet (1979)

Sonata for the First String Quartet (1979)
00:00 / 11:24

Two Madrigals (SATB) on text by William Shakespeare

Two Madrigals (SATB)
00:00 / 04:16

Prelude, Etude, Interlude & Romance performed by Ian Hodges, Guitar in Young United Church, Winnipeg

Prelude, Etude, Interlude & Romance
00:00 / 13:12

Three New Pieces for Guitar performed by Nathan Layh and recorded by Adrian Kuryliw

Three New Pieces For Guitar
00:00 / 07:23
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